Maluleka Clan Names History and Origin

Nsanis are well known for claiming they are directly related to Malawi’s Paramount and his immediate family, yet on phonological grounds it is impossible to trace how their clan names could have originated here.

Bryant’s list contains several clans which appear to have no discernible origin, such as Njobvu and Ndlovu which both mean elephant. This could be the result of both linguistic evolution as well as clan names merging through isitakazelo.

Maluleka Clan Names

  1. Maluleka
  2. Mokone
  3. Mahlangu
  4. Mashinini
  5. Mothapo
  6. Mabaso
  7. Mokgatle
  8. Matlala


The Ndwandwe kingdom emerged during this period and are often neglected in studies of Zulu society. They were an influential tribe who controlled southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe and are famous for adhering to ku pfava principles.

Zwide kaZikode was the leader of Ndwandwe tribe in 1820 at Battle of Mhlathuze River and eventually lost to Shaka Zulu’s empire and his kingdom; soon after this defeat he died shortly afterward and his sons later founded Gaza kingdom in Mozambique.


The Manukunuku clan of South Africa is well-known for their reverence of elephants and other totem symbols such as their altar family in Zimbabwe.

This tribe can be found around Kruger National Park and Mozambique, and originated from central parts of Africa during the Bantu expansion between 100 AD and 200 AD. Their descendants eventually spread throughout Zambia and South Africa before eventually becoming known as Tsonga people today.


Maluleke tribe has existed on both Mozambique and South African territories for millennia, their roots dating back to Venda and Sotho tribes that first arrived from Central Africa around AD 200.

Maluleka clan is one of the most powerful clans in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Its members are well-known for their strength, loyalty, fighting skills, pride of heritage, as well as strong support from both nations. Recognizing history is important to ensuring future success for Zimbabwe as a country.


Sosha can refer to something in Buddhism, Pali Buddhism, Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi Jainnism Prakrit Hindi biology etc. This article details its meaning history and etymology.

Sosha can be found as a playable character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, she is an evil dragoon from Rundall who joined Leonis’ army out of boredom and eventually joined her clan’s fight club; also described as an experienced fighter, she belongs to Shiburi clan as well. Voiced by Kimberley Tilby.


Nuclear families represent the basic social unit for Nguni clans such as Shona and Venda, where authority lies with their father.

Gombe National Park lies along Lake Tanganyika and is famous for chimpanzee tracking – its most beloved activity! Savanna woodlands within its borders also host various species of fauna that make for beautiful tropical views.

Gombe is located near several other notable markets and villages that boast important markets and villages.


The Ngoni were insistent that any clans listed should be considered Swazi, as this grouping represented what was seen as being led in northern and central kingdoms by their royal clan.

At that time, they believed that any head of a Swazi clan who knew his genealogy and shared Zwangendaba or Mputa’s direct lineage should be acknowledged as Mulumuzana; this criteria was most widely accepted but not invariantly upheld.


Nxumalo is a surname found worldwide due to the globalized nature of our world, spreading past their original country of origin. People with this surname should aim for relationships founded upon mutual respect and an inclusive sense of community.

Nxumalo was an accomplished South African political activist and writer, dedicated to spreading Marxist-Leninist ideals on South African soil. Additionally, he championed human rights issues and the African National Congress; consequently his passing away was a huge loss for our fight for freedom.


Gaza, located in the Middle East on ancient trade and maritime routes, flourished during antiquity as a bustling port and city that can be found prominently throughout biblical texts. Alexander the Great besieged Gaza for over two years until eventually taking control himself and imposing a strict regime over its citizens.

In the 20th century, Gaza became part of Mandatory Palestine under British control and experienced rapid growth during this time. As part of that conflict between Jews and Palestinians in 1948, it eventually came under Israel’s control after taking control after an extended war; currently Israel maintains an air and naval blockade against it.


Bileni is a small tribe located along the borders of South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Their territory was attacked by Gaza people but they refused to submit. Instead they established their own kingdom outside Gaza territory.

Buyisonto and his younger brother Thulamahashi led their tribe, although neither claimed to be King of Tsonga people. Additionally, during both of their reigns the Nkuna had their own army that was independent from Gaza, further emphasizing this fact that they weren’t part of that people.


Following Mzilikazi Khumalo’s death, Nkulumane became his heir and leader of amaNdebele. Many followers of Mzilikazi moved northward out of Zulu territory, eventually settling near Aapies River and later Magaliesberg Mountains and eventually in Matabeleland.

Lobengula’s reign, an out of control bush fire engulfed and burned the wagons that had been stored near the cave, leading to tragedy and disaster.

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