Sithole Clan Names History and Origin

Tracing your family history may seem daunting at first, but its rewards make it well worth your while.

Cry Sithole recounted how his father gave him his nickname during a game drive. Spook, an African guide, had been surveying the waters ahead, searching for boulders they could safely step across.

Sithole Clan Names

  1. Sithole
  2. Zulu
  3. Xhosa
  4. Ndebele
  5. Mthethwa
  6. Ngcobo
  7. Buthelezi
  8. Khumalo
  9. Ntuli
  10. Mthembu
  11. Ndlovu
  12. Nxumalo
  13. Cele
  14. Dlamini
  15. Gumede
  16. Shabalala
  17. Zungu
  18. Mkhize
  19. Majozi
  20. Hlongwane

Sithole Clan Origin

Sithole is a family name found primarily in South Africa. It ranks 1,659th worldwide and 95 percent of African clan names contain this surname; translated, its meaning may be either “heifer” or “calf”.

The Sithole clan are members of the Ndau-Shangani ethnic group, consisting of several subclans. This includes Sakwinje, Semwayo, Limila, Gonjo, Shipandagwala and Shiriyadengha – an Nguni people from Zululand who moved into Matebeleland before mixing with other Nguni groups; today their presence can be found mostly in Limila, Mlambo Simango Kwidini Dhliwayo Makuyana Mhlanga Mhlanga Ndlakama.

Cry Sithole, son of founders camp manager Spook Sithole, continues in his father’s footsteps by making guests feel welcome and entertaining them with hilarious jokes.

He can often be seen running around Founders Camp with a soccer ball in hand and loves making guests happy and loves his Londolozi family. Having worked for over 30 years at the camp, he is constantly looking for new ways to enhance guest experiences; an exceptional cook and gifted football player, his time is also spent caring for his wife and children.

Sithole Clan Meaning

Sithole clan names can be difficult to define as they often take different interpretations based on individual circumstances or spelling and pronunciation choices of those bearing it, including errors in writing or voluntary changes by bearers themselves, as well as modifications made for language-related considerations.

No doubt about it; the Sithole Clan boasts an illustrious past and an equally impressive heritage. Their people have always been strong and determined, willing to rise to any challenge presented them by nature and not afraid of venturing where others have shied away from. Their courage and sense of adventure has been passed from generation to generation; today Cry and Spook Sithole serve as camp managers at Founders Camp while Two-tone Sithole was among Londolozi’s early trackers alongside Winnis Mathebula; Two-tone was one of Londolozi’s earliest trackers along with Winnis Mathebula; his nephew Elmon currently serves as chef at Varty Camp.

Sithole clan members tend to migrate across nations in search of better opportunities and are therefore concentrated in certain nations more than others.

Sithole Clan Historical Context

Sithole clan names were traditionally given to family members who served in a Zulu army unit or as trackers, becoming famous for their bravery and ability to read the signs of nature in order to follow lions into areas other trackers would dare not venture into. At Londolozi today, this legacy lives on through Mike Sithole who continues his grandfather Two-tone’s work by tracking lions where others cannot.

Cry Sithole, camp manager at Founders Camp. Cry is known for making guests feel welcome and sharing stories about his time spent in the bush – including one where an inquisitive baboon tried his luck at taking a sip from a decanter of sherry Cry had left on the table to welcome him home after a game drive!

As is true with clan names, Sithole surname is more frequently found in certain nations than others. Canada is particularly fond of this clan name where 1 person out of 36,845,591 have this surname; England features it strongly (50 percent of people); while elsewhere around the globe it remains relatively uncommon.

Sithole Clan Variations

Through time, surnames have undergone various transformations due to errors in writing or voluntary changes made by their bearers or modifications for language purposes. Such factors may also depend upon many other variables including regional influences or cultural considerations that shaped its creation.

Sithole is one of the many surnames which has evolved throughout its history, taking on various forms over time and across countries worldwide – from Europe to Oceania and even North America! Globalization has enabled people with this name to travel across borders.

The Sithole family remains an influential presence at Londolozi today. While time passes, their dedication and hard work was passed down from pioneers and founders. Today’s employees of Londolozi lodge such as Mike and Elmon carry on this tradition with tracking leopards at Varty Camp as they continue the work started by Two-tone.

Their efforts are also evident through their dedication to conserving wildlife at the park. The family is widely recognized for their dedication in this regard and work relentlessly towards improving conservation outcomes amongst animals that they care for.

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