Twala Clan Names History and Origin

Twala is the 18,198th most prevalent family name globally and can primarily be found in South Africa.

People born under the moon sign Twala often make excellent strategists. With their exceptional logical thinking abilities, these individuals can handle even the most challenging of situations with ease.

Twala Clan Names

  1. Twala
  2. Zulu
  3. Buthelezi
  4. Mthethwa
  5. Ndlovu
  6. Khumalo
  7. Ntuli
  8. Mthembu
  9. Ngcobo
  10. Nxumalo
  11. Cele
  12. Dlamini
  13. Gumede
  14. Shabalala
  15. Zungu
  16. Mkhize
  17. Majozi
  18. Mabaso
  19. Hlongwane
  20. Zwane

Twala Clan Origin

Twala is an African surname that is quite prevalent in South Africa. People who bear this surname tend to excel at diplomatic negotiations and peacemaking. These individuals often achieve success in business due to a deep understanding of those around them and are typically loyal friends and family members.

Chicco Twala was born in South Africa in 1963, and has become one of the country’s most beloved singers since. Raised in a modest household, he prefers not discussing details from his personal life but is close with both of his late parents; specifically his mother for being so supportive in helping him reach success in music.

Zungu Astrology classifies Twala under Rashi Tula and Libra as its Moon sign. People born under these Rashis/Moon signs tend to be effective strategists with attractive personalities that can easily handle any situation with grace and poise.

Twala has become known throughout Alexandra as “the man who buries people”. Although his funeral home operates for profit, when someone dies without family or can’t afford traditional burial arrangements he takes steps to bury them free of charge; his motivation being that he wanted to serve God’s children.

Twala Clan Meaning

People with the name Twala tend to be peacemakers. They excel at maintaining equilibrium and are expert negotiators, yet remain very supportive, often making sacrifices on behalf of others. Intelligent with strong senses of empathy for their fellow man; easily moved when suffering is revealed around them.

Twala is widely recognized in Alex as the ‘father of the township’ – an honour he takes great pride in. An expert historian, Twala has written extensively about Free State history. His home on 2nd Avenue is open to visitors year-round and offers children reading and writing clubs at his house.

Elizabeth Mataboge, one of Twala’s 97-year-old neighbors and one of the most revered in their community, was among his first visits on 4th Avenue. Asked by Elizabeth about life in the neighbourhood and community events in general, he learned that Twala built her an indoor toilet as it is too difficult to go outside; Twala has always shown an affinity towards senior citizens’ needs as he explained to Mail & Guardian.

Tsonga people with surnames that sound similar to Nguni may assimilate into various clan groups based on their history or choice, migration or both; yet their surnames often still retain some Nguni characteristics due to factors like errors in writing, voluntary changes made by name bearers themselves or language modifications.

Twala Clan Etymology

Twala is an often-heard surname in South Africa and derives its meaning from traditional African naming practices involving natural phenomena, animals and actions – often inspired by traditional African cultural references or scripture – along with biblical influences. There are various variants on this name such as Twalapi and Talaba that may have resulted from errors in writing, or may simply reflect changes made by those bearing this surname themselves – or from changes in pronunciation or language itself.

Chicco Twala was born in Orlando East, a township which later became part of Soweto. He lived with his late father Elias and mother Elizabeth in a four-roomed matchbox house; Elizabeth served as his main source of strength while Chicco referred to her as his “queen”. Their close bond was showcased on Mzansi Magic reality show Living the Dream with Somizi which has since won over audiences globally.

Twala-named individuals possess an extraordinary knack for quickly finding solutions to complicated situations with ease, as well as creating peace during stressful periods. Their ability to act as mediator makes them great strategists. Furthermore, these passionate people excel at maintaining balance within their personal lives and looking out for family members; but may sometimes overdo things by overexpress their feelings too often.

Twala Clan Variations

Twala can have multiple variations. These variations could result from spelling errors or changes due to language adaptation; others may choose to alter their surname for personal reasons and create new names with similar meanings.

Mary Twala is a well-recognized South African actress. She has appeared in multiple films and television shows, earning critical acclaim and multiple awards for her performances. Mary has also found success as a stage actress; known for evoking strong characters with vivid depictions that bring alive strong messages such as an openly gay mother’s unconditional love for her son – this particular performance stands out.

Twala is an iconic figure in Alex, where she lives with her family and husband, a funeral director. Together they operate a for-profit funeral home. Twala herself is highly involved with community service activities – regularly burying the poor at no charge as well as responding quickly when there are emergencies in the neighborhood. She is highly respected by her peers, serving as a role model to younger generations while making positive contributions to society overall.

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